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Kalat (princely state)

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Coat of arms of Pakistan
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Flag of Kalat
Map of Pakistan with Kalat highlighted
Area91,909 km²
LanguagesPersian, Baluchi,Brahui
Established 1638
Abolished14th October 1955
Kalat or Qalat (Urdu: قلات) was a princely state located in the centre of the modern province of Balochistan, Pakistan. The state capital was the town of Kalat.




The State of Kalat was located between 25°1′ and 30°8′N. And 61°37′ and 69°22′E., with a total area of 11,593 square miles. It occupied the whole of the centre and south-west of the Province of Balochistan, with the exception of the indentation caused by the little State of Las Bela. It was bounded on the west by Iran; on the east by the Bolan Pass, the Maxi and Bugti hills, and Sindh; on the north by the Chagai and Quetta-Pishin Districts; and on the south by Las Bela and the Arabian Sea. With the exception of the plains of Kharan, Kachhi, and Dasht in Makran, the country is wholly mountainous, the ranges being intersected here and there by long narrow valleys.
The principal mountains are the Central Brahui, Kirthar, Pab,Siahan, Central Makran and Makran Coast Ranges, which descend in elevation from about 10,000 to 1,200 feet. The drainage of the country is almost all carried off to the southward by the Nari, Mula, Hab, Porali, Hingol and Dashtrivers. The only large river draining northwards is the Rakhshan. The coast-line stretches for about 160 miles, from near Kalmat to Gwadar Bay, and the chief port is Pasni. Round Gwadar the country was in the possession of the Sultan of Muscat.[1]


The state of Kalat was founded in 1638. The territories controlled by the state fluctuated over the centuries but eventually were established by treaties with the British Agent Robert Sandeman in the late 19th century. Parts of the state to the north and northeast were leased or ceded to form the province of British Baluchistan which later gained the status of a Chief Commissioners province.
On 28 March 1948, the then Khan of Kalat acceded the kalat state to Pakistan in peaceful manner and went on to form the Baluchistan States Union on 3 October 1952 with three neighbouring states. The state of Kalat ceased to exist on 14 October 1955 when the province of West Pakistan was formed.

[edit]Rulers of Kalat

The rulers of Kalat held the title of Wali originally but in 1739 also took the title (Begler Begi) Khanusually shortened to Khan. The last Khan of Kalat (Urdu: خان قلات) had the privilege of being the President of the Council of Rulers for the Baluchistan States Union.
TenureKhan of Kalat[2]
1666 - 1667Ahmad I
1695 - 1696Mir Mehrab
1697 - 1713Samandar Khan
1713 - 1714Ahmad II
1715 - 1730Mir Abdullah
1730 - 1749Mir Muhabbat
1749 - 1794Mir Muhammad Nasir Khan I
1794 - 1831Mir Mahmud Khan I
1831 - 13 November 1839Mir Mehrab Khan II
1839 - 1840Mir Shah Nawaz Khan
1840 - 1857Mir Nasir Khan II
1857 - March 1863Mir Khudadad Khan (1st time) during his period of rule, there were seven major and many minor rebellion took place.
March 1863 - May 1864Sherdil Khan (usurped throne)
May 1864 - 15 August 1893Mir Khudadad Khan (2nd time)
10 November 1893 - 3 November 1931Mahmud Khan II
3 November 1931 - 10 September 1933Mohammad Azam Jan Khan
10 September 1933 - 14 October 1955Ahmad Yar Khan
28 March 1948State of Kalat acceded to Pakistan

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