Thursday, December 23, 2010

gold and copper mining progect,s in balochistan

Mining Industry Future In Pakistan, Government Concern To Low Mine Exploration Cost

AAP reported that Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry have expressed serious concern over the dying industry of mining in the country.

Mr Khursheed Ahmed Jogezai VP of FPCCI said that “Balochistan coal deposits have gone very low to uneconomical level of mining and that no new area for the mining has been opened in the province. This has caused low production of coal and high input cost making the local mining industry in competitive which darkens the future of this industry and other coal-based industries.”
He suggested that certain percentage of duties be levied on the coal imported from various countries to promote the local industry.
Mr Jogezai stressed for providing maximum facilities and incentives to local and foreign investors interested in mining in the country especially in Balochistan. He said that industrialization in the province cannot take off unless there is a strong roads network and other infrastructure along with peace and security to life and property.
In Balochistan, coal mining is the major industry and besides vast scale indirect employment, it provides direct employment to more than one hundred thousand people.
Till now, there are only 2 foreign companies involved in mining in Balochistan. A Chinese company is working on Sandak copper field and a Canadian company is busy in mining gold and copper from other site.
sourced : AAP
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